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More examples of central themes:

  1. How can we eradicate malaria?
  2. How can we get young people to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
  3. How do we cerate dialogue between different ethnic groups in our town?
  4. How can we create space for creativity in our research while at the same time working in a planned way (and holding our budget)?
  5. What new products and client groups do we see, and how do we make use of these?
  6. How do we develop our department in the coming years?
  7. How do we create synergy between our divisions?
  8. Can we protect nature without at the same time working with poverty issues?
  9. How do we keep the birds in the meadows in the Netherlands?
  10. Which trends do we see in the car industry, and how can we cooperate to create value for each of us?
  11. What should the guidelines for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis look like?
  12. What kind of school can prepare our children for a future which is largely unknown, and how do we create it?
  13. What should our strategy for the next five years look ike?
  14. We have decided on our strategy: how do we implement it as well as possible?
  15. Our reputation has seriously been damaged by the recent product defect; how do we reestablish it?
  16. What does the library of the future look like, and how do we create it ?
  17. How do we realize a successful, far reaching digitilisation in our county?
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